Season 1 : Episode 0

Seeing Around Corners. Or what I like to call my pathological curiosity.

Welcome to a new venture. A venture that draws on my pathological curiosity for the new. My very own podcast: Seeing Around Corners.

I like to talk. Maybe that comes as no surprise to those of you who know me.

Even more, I like to marinate in conversations. One of the great joys of my life and work is the people I think, play, work and riff with, and discover along my path. After a blissful two days of rather intimate, provocative, and deeply delightful conversations with masterful characters at this year’s Ouishare Fest, it became stupidly obvious to me: I need to share these conversations.

But the most compelling part—this “art” of conversation—is not in the thrice removed retelling (“hey, I was talking to so and so, and blahblah. . . .”) The brilliance lies in the unknown, the dynamic spark, the experimental serendipity of live conversation. So, the “Seeing Round Corners” podcast was born, and you are invited along as we go spelunking. . . .

Stopping for the flicker of a moment

This experiment — podcast — is more jazz than symphony — it’s a series of conversations about our charge into change. We’re not polite. Rather, we’ll dive into the shift as each guest sees it. I’m also hoping to uncover their quest. Posing questions that bring us all closer to the change we are shaping. We are all in flux. How we live, work and play in a constantly emerging culture and community that is changing — rapidly.

Every person I’ll talk with has a tenacious, almost pathological, itch — a determination and vision to change the world, or at least their piece of it. They are instigators, mischief makers, doers, and shapers. My hope is to bring you new voices from some people who are just getting started. Others are black belt instigators who not only serially deliver, but have found ways to articulate their latest question, idea and the conditions of the craft. Also, I just want you all to get to know each other better. For me at least, I need to hear other voices than those residing in my head. These fellow instigators are inspirational to me — I’m guessing that you’ll find gems in their words and vision. I’m thinking that you’ll really enjoy this — as I do.

Pull up a chair, Let’s share stories together

I encourage you to join us by subscribing to the show on, say, iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud, and ask you to share it with your friends.

But most of all I hope you’ll kick back and listen.
No, not to me. . . but to what the Culture that we are all creating through our conversations. You know people I don’t and see things I miss. Please share that, too.

Through listening, I hope you might find something that makes you want to act.

As for me, I’m off to my next conversation.
Join me.

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