Projects are opportunities for going deeper, exploration and experimentation in and around the new SocialOS. In some cases we are collaborators with companies, communities or networks who are testing nascent ideas through POCs (proof of concepts) or events. When we are confronted with discontinuity of the old way — we design projects to liberate thinking + lay scaffolding for a way forward. We really don’t know how to make change w/o getting our hands dirty.


Barclays Global Innovation
Hubs and Rise Global
Trust, finance, banking and business are in massive flux. Barclays, a 350 year old institution, knows that all too well. RISE and the Global Innovation Hubs and Programmes is an emerging platform being co-created with the global community. Connect. Co-create. Scale. Stay tuned.
Fujitsu Open
Innovation Gateway
Fujitsu, a multi-national corporation has its roots in making — as in Japanese, Monozukuri. The Open Innovation Gateway is a platform inviting collaboration through partnerships. Techshop has already partnered with OIG. We are in the early stages of launching this innovation platform.
POC21 Proof of Concept 21
POC21 is a temporal project taking place outside of Paris France Summer 2015. The core idea is to bring about strong POCs (Proof of Concepts) that address some of our most severe #Climate based challenges. Spun off by Benjamin Tincq, a co-founder of Ouishare, POC21 brings together makers, designers, physicists, media experts, mentors, investors ahead of COP21 (Climate conference) taking place in Paris December 2015.
Ouishare is a global community which has organically grown since inception to more than 20 countries. It hosts an annual convening, OuishareFest and many local events to spur design and change of new models and practices enabling the collaborative economy and society.
re:focus partners
UrbinVentures (re:focus partners)
Urbin Ventures is a shared project between re:focus partners and mesh ventures focused on creating spaces for testing and developing truly innovative solutions to energy, water and work force related issues in our cities. This project is enabled by re:invest initiaitve created by Shalini Vajhala and funded by Rockefeller Foundation. urbinventures
Sharitaly is a the first collaborative economy event in Italy. It will take place in Milano November 2015.