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In February, I was thrilled to conduct two interviews with Imogen Heap, the talented and technophilic instigator with a unique vision for a “fair trade” version of the music ecosystem. After overwhelmingly positive response from listeners, we turned our conversations into an ebook.

The book itself is a road map for the future of the music industry and artists like Imogen who are embracing new technology, such as Blockchain, and adapting the way they interact with fans. From “gestural music ware” to releasing her latest single completely independent of traditional labels, Imogen is deeply invested in upending the music industry.

This book is for instigators who:

  • Are established or emerging artists looking to reclaim agency in a changing marketplace
  • Are fans of Imogen Heap or enjoyed the podcast and want to hear more about Imogen’s vision and her work
  • Are curious about the role of transparent value chains for music and other industries built on intellectual property
  • Want to enjoy the prospect of ‘fair trade’ music that benefits the artists, not just the labels

The ebook, Imogen Heap: A Case Study of Disrupting with Blockchain is free to download here.

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Fiona Garden