Season 1: Episode 5

An African Classroom in a Box?

Following on from last week’s podcast, I continue the conversation with Eric Hersman, the serial instigator, maker and co-founder of iHub, Ushahidi and BRCK.

Erik and I turn the conversation over to how Africa is becoming the nexus of the tech revolution, attracting a vibrant, innovative, agile community of companies and individuals looking for connections, learning and collaboration.

Following hot on the heels of BRCK, Eric and team have recently launched Kio, which are specifically designed for education. Kio is very much a version 3.0 and African take on the one laptop per child project that introduced low-power laptops to children in some of the poorest areas of the world. The Kio, while from Africa has admirers from many locales in both the developed and developing world. Kio, recently launched with a highly receptive following and promises to change the math in providing affordable and spectacular curricula to K-12 education. (color me excited for the prospect and promise)

The BRCK Kio Kit is a portable, rugged digital classroom that connects any school within range of a mobile phone tower to the internet. It also uses a single plug to charge the kit and power on the entire system. It’s sexy, powerful, thoughtful and of course, rugged.

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